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Davidson, Bob

Umpire Profile and Ejection Statistics
Name: Bob Davidson
Number: 61
2012 Crew: --
Crew Chief: No

2011 Ejections: 8 (2nd)
2011 Points: 14 (16th)

Ejection History: 2 (2005), 1 (2006), 6 (2007), 6 (2008), 7 (2009), 10 (2010), 8 (2011)
2011 Ejections: AZ Kirk Gibson (4/12), PIT Matt Diaz (6/12), TOR Jose Molina (6/16), MIL Ron Roenicke (6/20), MIL Dave Sveum (6/20), CHC Tyler Colvin (8/3), CHC Mike Quade (8/3), CIN Chris Speier (8/21)

Robert Allan Davidson (born August 3, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois) is an umpire for Major League Baseball. Bob Davidson graduated from Duluth East High School in Duluth, Minnesota in 1970. He attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth where he played baseball for two seasons. Davidson then left to pursue a professional umpiring career. He spent eight years in the minors before being promoted to the majors.

He was on the full-time umpiring staff for Major League Baseball in the National League from 1982 to 1999. He resigned in 1999 as part of a labor negotiation strategy. However, Davidson has returned to professional umpiring and now is again part of the MLB staff. Davidson, who has been nicknamed "Balkin' Bob" or "Balk-a-day-Bob" due to his frequent balk calls, currently wears number 6, but wore number 31 during his career in the NL. When the AL and NL merged their umpiring staffs in 2000, number 31 was assigned to Mike Reilly, who wore the number in the AL, so Davidson wore number 61 until the 2011 season.

Division Series: 1995, 1998

Champion Series: 1988, 1991, 1996

World Series: 1992

All-Star: 1987, 1993

Biography Attribution: Wikipedia

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