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At the conclusion of each championship season, the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League solicits nominations from the general membership for several postseason awards as designed by UEFL Rule 4-4. Pursuant to Rule, the results of this nomination and voting designate which umpires are to receive which awards. The Rule also specifies what points are awarded to each umpire for receipt of the various postseason awards. The following table portrays the historical record of UEFL Postseason Awards with links, where available, to the award announcement.

 (Best) UmpireNoteworthy UmpireHonorable UmpireFill-In UmpireMost Improved Crew Chief Best Ejection Worst Umpire 
 2016 Guccione*^ Holbrook*^
 Hamari! Hernandez* T Barrett* West
 2015 Marquez*^ Carlson*^
 Tumpane! Hernandez* Cederstrom*^ Reynolds
 B Welke
 2014 T Barrett*^ Carapazza
 T Barrett*^
 T Gibson! Bucknor T Barrett*^ West
 T Welke
 2013 Joyce*^ Iassogna*
 T Barrett*
 Fagan Bucknor* Hirschbeck*^ Layne
 2012 Davis*^ Guccione*
 T Barrett*
 Porter! Davidson Kellogg* Davidson
 2011 Nelson* Guccione
 Porter! Timmons* Davis* Marquez
 2010 Reilly Hernandez
 Joyce Bellino! Hohn N/A N/A Davidson`
 2009 Joyce* DeMuth*^ Diaz*
 N/A N/A N/A N/A Hohn`
 2008 Wegner* Tschida*^ Hallion*^ N/A N/A N/A N/A Hohn`
 2007 Froemming* Danley* N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

* Signifies the umpire officiated the postseason during the corresponding season (does not apply to Best Ejection category).
^ Indicates the umpire officiated that year's World Series. The UEFL Appeals Board posthumously awarded Wally Bell the 2013 World Series.
! Applies to the Fill-In Umpire category only, and signifies that the corresponding umpire was subsequently hired to the Major League staff.
` Applies to the Worst Umpire category only, and signifies that the corresponding umpire received a Most Improved, Noteworthy or (Best) award in a subsequent year.
"N/A" signifies this award was not presented/did not exist during the corresponding season.
"Most Declining Umpire" was an additional award that only existed during the 2010 season (Marquez).
The Rules afford the opportunity for co-recipients for some awards. When multiple winners of the same award exist, both umpires are listed.