2014 Appeals Board

Per UEFL Rule 6-4, an Appeals Board has been established to rule on challenged issues of Quality of Correctness. Any visitor, guest or user may become an Appeals Board member and may or may not also be a league member. The Appeals Board operates on a voluntary basis only and is a one-year term (no term limits). The Board is comprised of seven members (including both Commissioners and five at-large members) such that at least three members adjudicate each Appeal. As such, no Board member shall rule on any appealed decision in which his Crew Chief (or any umpire on that crew), Primary or Secondary Umpires are involved.

2014 Appeals Board:
UEFL Commissioner Gil Imber, Chair and Appellate Interpreter
UEFL Deputy Commissioner Jeremy Dircks
Senior Member tmac
Senior Member RichMSN
Ranking Member Arik G
Ranking Member Turducken
Member JD

Non-Voting Member johnnyg08
Non-Voting Member Joe Gravina
Non-Voting Member cyclone14

Throughout the 2014 season, Appeals Board decisions will be listed below.
Showing 20 items
NumberAppeal StatusDecisionOrig DispositionFinal DispositionAffirmedReversedDeferred
NumberAppeal StatusDecisionOrig DispositionFinal DispositionAffirmedReversedDeferred
E-182 Final Reversed Irrecusable Incorrect 
E-181 Final Reversed Irrecusable Incorrect 
E-157 Final Affirmed Incorrect Incorrect 
E-156 Final Reversed Correct Incorrect 
E-152 Final Affirmed Incorrect Incorrect 
E-144 Final Reversed Correct Incorrect 
E-119 Final Affirmed Correct Correct 
R-540 Denied Affirmed Incorrect Incorrect 
R-526 Final Affirmed Calling Calling 
E-084 Denied Denied Correct Correct 
E-056 Final Affirmed Correct Correct 
E-057 Denied Denied Correct Correct 
E-045 Final Affirmed Correct Correct 
E-039 Final Reversed Calling Secondary 
E-035 Final Affirmed Correct Correct 
R-167 Denied Denied Correct Correct 
E-021 Denied Denied Correct Correct 
R-140 Final Reversed Correct Incorrect 
E-015 Denied Denied Incorrect Incorrect 
R-114 Final Reversed Correct Incorrect 
Showing 20 items