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Umpire Ejection Fantasy League Portal - 2014 MLB Season

Welcome to the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's UEFL Portal, presented by Close Call Sports. Now entering its 8th full MLB season, the UEFL objectively tracks and analyzes umpire ejections and their corresponding calls with great regard for the rules and spirit of the game of baseball.

The 2014 season has begun. Refer to the "UEFL Standings" tab for League standings, Appeals Board tab for challenge rulings and the Ejection List for links to every official MLB ejection.

For Rules Summit and Draft information, visit the UEFL main site.

Recent Ejections

011 West, Joe Yankees Cesar Cabral 
010 Barrett, Lance Indians Jason Kipnis 
009 Culbreth, Fieldin Cubs Chris Bosio 
008 Nelson, Jeff Padres Phil Plantier 
007 Barrett, Ted Rangers Ron Washington 
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Recent Instant Replay Reviews

115 Welke, Tim Out Overturned 
114 Winters, Mike Ball Confirmed 
113 Barrett, Ted Out Overturned 
112 Wolcott, Quinn Out Overturned 
111 Davis, Gerry Out Overturned 
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UEFL 2013 [and 2012] At A Glance:
A quick look back at the 2013 [& 2012] Umpire Ejection Fantasy League season...
  • 161 league members (81 in 2012)
  • 2013 UEFL Winner: Turducken (Gary Darling -cc, Chad Fairchild & Dan Bellino -p, Sam Holbrook & Brian Knight -s)
  • 2013 UEFL Runner-Up: NorthStarUmpire#2 (Gerry Davis -cc, Jordan Baker & Sam Holbrook -p, Hunter Wendelstedt & Bill Miller -s)
  • 2011 UEFL 3rd Place: Niicker (Joe West -cc, Angel Hernandez & Hunter Wendelstedt -p, Dan Bellino & Dan Iassogna -s)
  • Most Owned Crew Chief: Joe West (31) (Joe West - 21 in 2012)
  • Most Owned Primary Umpire: Bob Davidson (32) (West/Drake in 2012)
  • Most Owned Secondary Umpire: Alfonso Marquez (19) (Davidson in 2012)
  • Most Ejections: 8 (Clint Fagan & Chad Fairchild) (8 - Gary Darling in 2012)
  • Most Points: 30 (Clint Fagan) (24 - Gary Darling in 2012)
  • Fewest Points: -4 (Bill Welke) (-4 - Laz Diaz & Alan Porter [tied] in 2012)